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Church of St. Christopher

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  • Anyos
Church of St Christopher is located in the village of Años 4 kilometers from the town of La Massana Principality of Andorra Stone church in the Romanesque style was probably built in the XII century high on the slopes of rocky ridges that surround... attractions, Cultural objects, Playing complexes and attractions, Taxi service

Lake Engolasters

Engolasters Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Principality of Andorra which is located in the town of Encamp Lake is located at an altitude of 1616 meters above sea level among dense forests and you can reach it by prakladzenamu route... attractions, Bars and pubs, Recreation and campsites, Gates and forged products

Church of St. Eulalia

Church of Sts Eўlalіya ancient medieval Christian shrine whose story begins back in the XI century It has a Romanesque origin although it was rebuilt several times in the XVII and XX century Church of Sts Eўlalіya located near the museum of... attractions, Galleries and Museums

National Automobile Museum

  • /natsionalnyj-muzej-avtomobilej
  • Encamp
The town of Encamp located 20 minutes from the capital of Andorra better known as a great ski resort But there are other interesting sights One of them the National Automobile Museum Museum established on the basis of private collections and... attractions, Galleries and Museums, Natural Attractions

Park "Prat Gran"

Park "Prat Gran" in Spanish means "large meadow" is located in the town of Encamp which is located in Andorra Encamp is widely known for its ski resorts so the park is a place of rest for both locals and for many  tourists The park was opened in... attractions, Graphic Design, Parks and Gardens

Church of St. Armenola

In comparison with their European contemporaries the temple is not is large recalling a small village churches However the Romanesque style which is felt everywhere here creates a sense of seriousness and significance of the building   Strict... attractions, Cultural objects, Banking Advertising

Sports Complex "Encamp Multisport Centre"

  • /sportkompleks-enkamp-multisport-ts ...
  • El Tremat
The town of Encamp is well known to fans of skiing and winter sports in general Conveniently located near the capital of Andorra well appointed cozy comfortable and elegant winter resort attracts many tourists every year There are many ways... attractions, Parks and Gardens, massage rooms

Caldea Spa

In the village of Les Escaldes is a unique wellness center Caldea which is known to many Caldea is the largest thermal center of western Europe The wellness center is located on an area of ​​600 square meters   The entire complex is covered... attractions, Parks and Gardens, Sports Complexes

Sculpture «Nu de Joventut»

Sculpture «Nu de Jovent» or "naked girl" created by the renowned Catalan sculptor Josep Viladomatom and stands in Escaldes near the bridge over the river Valira Opposite the hotel is located Mola Park and 130 meters SPA center Caldea This bronze... attractions, Hotels, Galleries and Museums

Church Sant- Roma de les Bons

Church of Sant Roma de les Bons is located in the upper part of the town of Encamp Andorra and is a medieval architectural ensemble Les Bons Church of Sant Roma was built in the XII century and then rebuilt several times Together with other... attractions, Cultural objects, Natural Attractions

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