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Church of San Cerney de Lorst

  • /tserkov-san-serni-de-lorst
  • Llorts
Church of San sarnamі where Lorst ancient Christian shrine in the north of Andorra It is part of the cultural heritage of the country and its property as well as the main attraction of the town Lorst At first it was built in the XVII century... attractions, Cultural objects

Lake Estanys del Angonella

  • /ozera-estanis-del-angonella
  • Llorts
This place like the rest of Andorra anxiously guarded clean corner in the heart of Europe Locals take care of that man's influence was not detrimental to the natural beauty so there is almost no transport industries that  would be detrimental to... attractions, Natural Attractions, Beauty and SPA

The village of Llorts

Tourists are attracted here interesting places for hiking In three hours walking through the valley to the west of the village is a popular tourist area a group of picturesque mountain lakes Estanys del Angonella From Mount Borda de Sorteny (1970 m... attractions, Natural Attractions, Agricultural production

Church of San Martin de la Cortinada

Church of San Martin de la Cortinada is north of the town Ordzіn in Andorra The building of the Catholic Church with the passage of time has undergone various transformations and extensions resulting in a slightly increased church on the north side... attractions, Antiques, Furniture Stores, Cultural objects

River North Valira

River North Valira has its origins in the northwest of Andorra On the territory of Escaldes Engordany it merges with the East Valira into one channel of the main river Valira Therefore over the main river flowing through the country from north to... attractions, Natural Attractions, Car rent

The village of La Cortinada

The village of La Cortinada is Ordzіn in the community near the ski resorts of Pal Arinsal and Arcalis Ordzіn If you drive from the town of Llorts along the way you can see if the recovered industrial zone The main attractions this is an old... attractions, Galleries and Museums, Natural Attractions

Church of St. Martin

Church of St Martin old Romanesque church of the XII century is located north of Ordzіn It is famous for its frescoes depicting Martin Bishop of Tours surrounded by fantastic animals The church was built at the beginning of the XII century but was... attractions, Cultural objects

Arinsal Ski Resort

  • /gornolyzhnyj-kurort-arinsal
  • Arinsal
Arinsal Ski Resort is located in the Principality of Andorra is located between France and Spain Location of Andorra in the Pyrenees mountain range provides plenty of opportunities for a great ski holiday Get to the resort of Arinsal simple it is in... attractions, Parks and Gardens, Recreation and campsites, Arts Schools

Nature Center La Cortinada

La Cortinada Nature Centre is a good place which is famous for beautiful scenery and fresh air The monument is located in the town of La Cortinada Ordzіn principality of Andorra The permanent exhibition entitled "2014 meters" is dedicated to... attractions, Galleries and Museums, Political parties

Sculpture "Storm in a tea cup"

  • /skulptura-burya-v-chashke-chaya
  • Erts
Not far from the ski resort of La Massana is an interesting monument or rather sculpture artistic expression of thought This cup of tea a huge trinadtsatimetrovymi in diameter is poised on the slope of the gorge la Botella Openwork design looks... attractions, Rental, Natural Attractions

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