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Гора Касаманья Montaup attractions, Natural Attractions, Schools
Church of San Martin de la Cortinada La Cortinada attractions, Antiques, Furniture Stores, Cultural objects
The village of La Cortinada La Cortinada attractions, Galleries and Museums, Natural Attractions
River North Valira La Cortinada attractions, Natural Attractions, Car rent
Church of St. Martin La Cortinada attractions, Cultural objects
Lake Estany del Estany L'Angonella attractions, Natural Attractions, Recreation and campsites
Nature Center La Cortinada La Cortinada attractions, Galleries and Museums, Political parties
Village Sornas Sornas attractions, Natural Attractions
Church of Sant Roque de Sornas Sornas attractions, Cultural objects, Transport companies and constructions, Stations
Church of St. Cornelius and St. Cyprian Ordino attractions, Gates and forged products, Auto studio, Cultural objects
Ski resort Canillo / Soldeu / El Tarter Canillo attractions, Parks and Gardens, Schools, Children clubs
Church of San Juan de Kazelles El Vilar attractions, Cultural objects, Windows, doors and hardware
Ski resort Ordino Ordino attractions, Galleries and Museums, Parks and Gardens
Museum of architectural miniatures Ordino attractions, Galleries and Museums, Natural Attractions
Museum of Orthodox icons Ordino attractions, Church and religious goods, Galleries and Museums
Arinsal Ski Resort Arinsal attractions, Parks and Gardens, Recreation and campsites, Arts Schools
Temple of the Blessed Virgin Meritchelskoy Meritxell attractions, Cultural objects, Natural Attractions
Sculpture "Storm in a tea cup" Erts attractions, Rental, Natural Attractions
Sanctuary of Our Lady Meritshelskoy Meritxell attractions, Galleries and Museums, Halls for weddings and celebrations
Museo Casa Rull El Pui attractions, Galleries and Museums, Theatre tickets
Lift in La Massana El Pui attractions, Parks and Gardens, Hotels
Museum of Comic l'Aldosa attractions, Exhibition and conference centers, Galleries and Museums

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