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Ski resort Canillo / Soldeu / El Tarter

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  • Canillo
Ski resorts in Canillo Soldeu and El Tarter are in the Principality Andorra Eti three resorts are connected by a network of ski lifts and relaxing on any of them you can freely go to any other Location resort In the surrounding  the capital of... attractions, Parks and Gardens, Schools, Children clubs

Church of San Juan de Kazelles

Church of San Juan de Kazelles located on the territory of Andorra a small country in Pireneyah Ona is located in the town of Canillo to the movement in the direction of France Documented data about the church early medieval period to the present... attractions, Cultural objects, Windows, doors and hardware

Temple of the Blessed Virgin Meritchelskoy

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  • Meritxell
Temple of the Blessed Virgin Meritchelskoy this is one of the main attractions of Andorra Virgo Meritchelskaya patron of Andorra and a place of worship of the Holy Virgin Meritchelskoy has origins thousands of years ago According to popular legend... attractions, Cultural objects, Natural Attractions

Sanctuary of Our Lady Meritshelskoy

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  • Meritxell
Sanctuary of Our Lady Meritshelskoy is close to the eponymous park in Grandvalira Andorra The first temple was built on this site in the XII century however a fire in 1972 destroyed the old building The sanctuary was rebuilt in 1976 by architect R... attractions, Galleries and Museums, Halls for weddings and celebrations

Supermarket Caves Manacor

Supermarket «Caves Manacor» is located at the entrance to El Tarter in Canillo Shop with a huge assortment specializes in national cuisine cheeses and alcoholic beverages Downstairs Deli Counter a rich selection of sausages   jamon snacks and... attractions, Parks and Gardens, Alcohol and tobacco

The village of Llorts

Tourists are attracted here interesting places for hiking In three hours walking through the valley to the west of the village is a popular tourist area a group of picturesque mountain lakes Estanys del Angonella From Mount Borda de Sorteny (1970 m... attractions, Natural Attractions, Agricultural production

Church of San Cerney de Lorst

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  • Llorts
Church of San sarnamі where Lorst ancient Christian shrine in the north of Andorra It is part of the cultural heritage of the country and its property as well as the main attraction of the town Lorst At first it was built in the XVII century... attractions, Cultural objects

Lake Estanys del Angonella

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  • Llorts
This place like the rest of Andorra anxiously guarded clean corner in the heart of Europe Locals take care of that man's influence was not detrimental to the natural beauty so there is almost no transport industries that  would be detrimental to... attractions, Natural Attractions, Beauty and SPA

Tower Moors in Le Bonnet

Tower of the Moor in Le Bonnet is in the Principality of Andorra in the town of Encamp This is one of the few remaining towers XIII XVI centuries which according to historians was part of the ancient castle of Le Bons (Les Bons) which belonged to... attractions, Natural Attractions, Shopping centers

The village of Les Bons

Historic Ensemble of the village of Le Bons and the reason that Andorra can come not only in the popular tourist ski season The real name of this town sounds like Sant Roma de les Bons Unlike other parts of Andorra this place is practically littered... attractions, Cultural objects, Galleries and Museums

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