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Castle d'Enklar

Castle v'Enklar a beautiful old castle which has been preserved in perfect condition which was built in IX XII centuries D'Enklar located in the capital of Andorra Andorra la Vella on top of a picturesque hill reaches a height of 1126 meters from... attractions, Bars and pubs, Natural Attractions

The village of Os de Civis

The village of Os de Civis is a village in the central Pyrenees which is located in the western province of Lleida Andorra It is the most populated municipality of the village of Les Valls Valira where in 2012 there were 158 inhabitants Charming... attractions, Natural Attractions, Playing complexes and attractions

Church of Santa Coloma

Santa Coloma a church located in the small village of Santa Coloma It was built in the pre Romanesque style in our time is one of the oldest known architectural Andorra Externally it looks pretty asketіchno with  minimal décor The church is... attractions, Cultural objects, Church and religious goods

Bridge La Margineda

La Margineda Bridge is an example of medieval architecture in a small town close to Andorra la Vella The bridge remained virtually unchanged since the XII century Can you find it on a mountain road that goes from Sant Julia de Loria in Andorra la... attractions, Cultural objects

Fire department in Santa Coloma

Fire department in Santa Coloma firehouse building which houses the central Fire and Rescue Service of Santa Coloma Although the history of the fire service in Andorra has nearly a century the new building of the fire station in Santa Coloma... attractions, Security and fire systems and signaling, Parks and Gardens

Ski Area Balnord

Balnord ski station is one of the most beautiful stations of Andorra This station is very popular among skiers of groomed trails Here they are as a wide variety of very complex and simpler with fewer obstacles This  station designed not only for... attractions, Parks and Gardens, Goods for sports and recreation

Avenue Charlemagne

Avenue Charlemagne this is one of the most popular and busiest streets in Andorra la Vella which attracts many tourists for its architectural landmarks and many shops Here you can visit several dozen boutiques  world's most famous brands Prices... attractions, Natural Attractions, Recreation and campsites

Sala del Konsell

Sala del Konsell it is the seat of government of Andorra which was founded at the beginning of the IX century in the region of Bari Antykov The building was built in the traditional style Pyrenean architecture and located in the city center At first... attractions, Gyms and fitness, Concert Halls, Galleries and Museums

Castle Casa de la Vall

The beautiful name of "House of the Dales" hides an ancient castle built of rough stone in the old quarter of Andorra la Vella Build a castle noble family Busquets in the XVI century the so called Catalan style rural architecture   Simply put as... attractions, Cultural objects, Reserves

Courthouse Sala de la Dzhustisia

Sala de la Dzhustisia only a court building for the rest of Andorra the only bastion of justice of this tiny state Area of ​​Andorra is only 468 square kilometers in all and the indigenous population just over 24 thousand Man On the main highway... attractions, Natural Attractions, Other government agencies

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