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Ski resort Ordino

  • /gornolyzhnyj-kurort-ordino
  • Ordino
One of the most popular ski resorts in Andorra Ordzіn village He is attractive in that the builders were able to provide a modern ski resort infrastructure not spoiled at this beautiful mountain landscapes In the village are  old churches... attractions, Galleries and Museums, Parks and Gardens

Church of St. Cornelius and St. Cyprian

  • /tserkov-svyatogo-korneliusa-i-svya ...
  • Ordino
Church of the Holy Karnelіusa and St Cyprian is located in the Andorran town Ordzіn 10 kilometers north of the city of Andorra la Vella It was built in the Middle Ages in the Gothic style Reconstruction of the church took place between the XVII... attractions, Gates and forged products, Auto studio, Cultural objects

Museum of architectural miniatures

  • /muzej-arhitekturnyh-miniatyur
  • Ordino
Ordzіn District one of the most northern counties in the Principality of Andorra Of all the attractions of this small town a special interest among tourists is the Museum of architectural miniatures The exhibits in the museum are presented as... attractions, Galleries and Museums, Natural Attractions

Museum of Orthodox icons

  • /muzej-pravoslavnyh-ikon
  • Ordino
The oldest exhibits this icon of the fifteenth century The rest of the exhibition samples of the iconography of the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries 70 different icons with faces of Christ's hand written on a tree In the western world there are... attractions, Church and religious goods, Galleries and Museums

Church of Sant Roque de Sornas

  • /tserkov-sant-rok-de-sornas
  • Sornas
Church of Sant Rock where Sornas is on the small central square of the village Somas Ordzіn in the north of the Principality of Andorra This is a typical example of a religious building in the countryside built in the Romanesque style Built the... attractions, Cultural objects, Transport companies and constructions, Stations

Village Sornas

The village is located between Sornas Ordzіn and La Cortinada at an altitude of 1538 meters above sea level It leads to the highway CG3 The population is about 250 people In the center on a tiny area of ​​the village there are two main... attractions, Natural Attractions

Museum of Comic

Museum of comics this cult place lovers of comics original museum Andorra located in the Plaza Fontetas in La Massana The museum contains a large collection of posters and humorous cartoon magazines and are held periodically and  exhibitions... attractions, Exhibition and conference centers, Galleries and Museums

Church of St. Armenola

In comparison with their European contemporaries the temple is not is large recalling a small village churches However the Romanesque style which is felt everywhere here creates a sense of seriousness and significance of the building   Strict... attractions, Cultural objects, Banking Advertising

Museo Casa Rull

Museo Casa Roullet is located in the village of Sispony and a look at the life of Andorra to the industrial revolution During the second half of the XX century most of the valleys in Andorra Fill a large avenues roads Countryside strongly ... attractions, Galleries and Museums, Theatre tickets

City La Massana

City La Massana popular mountain resort of Andorra which is picturesquely situated at the confluence of the North and Valira Arinsal From here to the capital Andorra la Vella just seven km away and the surrounding landscape will not leave anyone... attractions, Parks and Gardens, Leisure centers, Travel Gear

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