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Valley Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley

Valley Madre Perafita Claror a glacial valley in the south east of Andorra which has an area of ​​42 47 square kilometers accounting for nine percent of the country Which contains a large number of rare species   Valley became in 2004 the... attractions, Natural Attractions, Cultural objects

Gorge La Botella

Gorge La Bothell is located in the valley setur Andorra Here tourists simply amazing open views of the mountain beauty and deserves special attention pure mountain air which is simply impossible to breathe Gorge is famous for its  amazing... attractions, Equipment services and entertainment, Beauty and SPA, Natural Attractions

River Valira

Pyrenean river the largest hydrological features of the area Flows through the territory of Andorra and Spain Andorra being very compact country almost all riddled with sleeves and tributaries of the river For Valira is Y shaped it happened at the... attractions, Natural Attractions, Parks and Gardens

Lake Engolasters

Engolasters Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Principality of Andorra which is located in the town of Encamp Lake is located at an altitude of 1616 meters above sea level among dense forests and you can reach it by prakladzenamu route... attractions, Bars and pubs, Recreation and campsites, Gates and forged products

Funicamp Cable Car

Funicamp Cable Car is located in Andorra a small European country known for its ski resorts Funicamp has three stations and connects the town of Encamp with the villages of Val del Collado and Korthals Denradort The road was built in 1998 and is one... attractions, Parks and Gardens, Cultural objects, Rental

The observation deck in Ordino

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  • Les Bons
The observation deck at Ordzіn is one of the most visited places in the Principality Andorra Nezabivaemy views of the Pyrenees which opens with this observation platform not only attracts many tourists but also the photographer This ochenkrasivoe... attractions, Natural Attractions, Other services

The village of Le Bon

The village of Le Bon is located at an altitude of 1617 meters in Encamp between Andorra la Vella and Soldeu In this small picturesque village is home to about 1 300 people Tourists come here to look at the historical complex of medieval buildings... attractions, Cultural objects, Other government agencies, Recreation and campsites

Sports Complex "Encamp Multisport Centre"

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  • El Tremat
The town of Encamp is well known to fans of skiing and winter sports in general Conveniently located near the capital of Andorra well appointed cozy comfortable and elegant winter resort attracts many tourists every year There are many ways... attractions, Parks and Gardens, massage rooms

National Automobile Museum

  • /natsionalnyj-muzej-avtomobilej
  • Encamp
The town of Encamp located 20 minutes from the capital of Andorra better known as a great ski resort But there are other interesting sights One of them the National Automobile Museum Museum established on the basis of private collections and... attractions, Galleries and Museums, Natural Attractions

Funicamp Cable Car

Encamp village located approximately 7 10 minutes by car from the center of Andorra and the tourists who come to ski resorts especially loved this place after the lift opened here Funicamp Lift Funicamp is unique in its own way the cable path length... attractions, Natural Attractions, Windows, doors and hardware

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