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Airport Cocos Islands

  • West Island, Cocos Islands
  • Airport Cocos Islands$$ Cocos Islands, AustraliaWest Island, Cocos Islands
  • +61 (03) 5055 0500
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    Airport Cocos (Killing) Islands - is the largest airport in the archipelago "Cocos", located on the West Island - the largest island in the southern part of the Killing. The length of its runway - the runway is 2,438 meters, width - 33 meters. It has excellent lighting and asphalt surface, which allows you to receive all types of aircraft. Currently, the airport is working with the airline to Virginia Australia.

    According to statistics in 2011 passenger airport was 9,129 people and 310 ships. The most popular trend at the moment is Christmas Island. At the airport there are three huge waiting room, equipped with the latest appliances, and a large hangar and weather station. In 2005, the leadership of the authorities there was built a magnificent viewing platform, which offers a panoramic view.

    One of the largest aircraft - the Boeing 747 landed here Sept. 23, 2004. In the history of the airport here, there was not a single large-scale accident. In the near future it is planned to increase the area and restoration of outbuildings complex.

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