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Volcano Mount Flagstaff

On one piece of land in the Caribbean Sea fragmented invisible boundary sosuschetsvuyut descendants of the French and Dutch Some due to the peculiarities of their language called the island of Sint Maarten and others St Maarten Prominent landmark... attractions, Natural Attractions, Outlet Stores

Otrov St. Martin

St Maarten is located in the north ridge of the Eastern Caribbean islands It is the smallest inhabited island in the world which also is controlled by two independent states The southern part of Sint Maarten it samakіruemae autonomous state which... attractions, Embassy, Natural Attractions

Simpson Bay Lagoon

Through the center of Simpson Bay Lagoon is the border between the French and the Dutch half of the island of Sint Maarten In most lagoon are two small islands The one that more is located closer to the north within the French region of Saint Martin... attractions, Natural Attractions, Sanatoriums, Veterinary

Princess Juliana International Airport

Princess Juliana International Airport is one of the largest transportation hubs in the Caribbean It is located on the island of Saint Martin and is in the top 10 most dangerous airports in the world During World War II the airfield was built here... attractions, Natural Attractions, Truck transport

Maho Beach

Maho is one of the most unusual beaches in the world located on the island of St Maarten In general tourists are attracted here not warm sand and blue sea they go for the thrill because in 10 20 meters above the beach and tourists with a bang... attractions, Parks and Gardens, Internet cafe

Colombier Beach

Prior to this beautiful large and not crowded beach can be reached in a few minutes by boat yacht or a small path in the rocks overlooking the Petite Anse (20 minutes) Colombo the perfect place for swimming with mask and flippers Here you can see... attractions, Parks and Gardens, Showbiz

Beach Flament

This is a beautiful and long beach white sand here a nice sandy bottom On this beach are often strong waves so swimming is sometimes scary Bathing with small children Flamand not the same The distal portion is very popular with fans  bodibord... attractions, Parks and Gardens, Hotels

Museum of ocean shells Indzhenyu Magrasa

86 year old founder of the museum ingenue Magras spent his life kollektsioniruya shells and sand from around the world The museum contains about 4000 variants of sea shells bullets and under glass Collector said that the Museum of ocean shells ... attractions, Galleries and Museums, Gates and forged products


Gustav the main town of the island named after the Swedish king The city was founded on the banks of a convenient bay the harbor is on the dock are exquisite yachts Gustavo a magical village with houses with red roofs inspired by the Swedish ... attractions, Recreation and campsites, Cosmetics and perfumery, Showbiz

Beach Saint-Jean

Here a beautiful white sand sandy bottom strong waves are rare Saint Jean ideal for families with children long walks along the beach There is a water sports center Carib Waterplay and Jean Michel the host institution gives windsurfing lessons  ... attractions, Hotels, Parks and Gardens

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