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Airport Rinas Mother Teresa Rinas attractions, Halls for weddings and celebrations, Parks and Gardens
Lana River Yzberish attractions, Parks and Gardens, Cultural objects
Artificial lake in Tirana Selita e Vogel attractions, Parks and Gardens, Internet cafe
Area Skendeberg Tirana attractions, Cultural objects, Theater
National Museum of History Tirana attractions, Galleries and Museums, Luxury
Skanderbeg Monument Tirana attractions, Bars and pubs, Cultural objects
Mosque Et'hem Bey Mosque Tirana attractions, Natural Attractions, Religious institutions
The building of "Pyramid" Tirana attractions, Children clubs, Galleries and Museums
Clock Tower of Tirana Bashkia e Tiranes attractions, Watches, Parks and Gardens
Mountain Dadzhti Bashkia e Tiranes attractions, Natural Attractions, Flora and Fauna
Bunkers in Albania Bashkia e Tiranes attractions, Cultural objects, Internet cafe
Martyrs Cemetery Bashkia e Tiranes attractions, Parks and Gardens, Funeral Services
Mountain Sari Saltiki Kruje attractions, Natural Attractions

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