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Mosque Et'hem Bey Mosque

  • /mechet-mechet-efem-bej
Mosque Et'Hem Bay which is located on an area of ​​Scanderbeg was built in 1789 1823 years She was instrumental in the revival of religious freedom in Albania With the adoption of communist totalitarianism during the mosque was closed and only 18... attractions, Natural Attractions

Area Skendeberg

  • /ploshchad-skendeberg
Skendeberg area the center of Tirana built in the classical style by Italian architects Florestan where Faust and Armando Brazini comparable in size to the Red Square or mini Tiananmen On the square are the main official institutions City Hall... attractions, Cultural objects

The building of "Pyramid"

  • /zdanie-piramida
Pyramid the building of the former Museum of communist dictator Enver Hoxha which is a club with an interesting name The Mummy The building which has designed a daughter Hoxha constructed of glass and concrete The building was opened October 14... attractions, Cultural objects

National Museum of History

  • /natsionalnyj-istoricheskij-muzej-1
National Museum of History founded in 1981 is located in the northern part of the main square of Tirana and is one of the largest museums in Albanian his collection of about 5000 exhibits In the museum you can visit the old pavilion is the Albanian... attractions, Galleries and Museums

Skanderbeg Monument

  • /pamyatnik-skanderbegu
Monument to the national hero of Albania Kastriot George nicknamed Skanderbeg rises in the center of the main square of Tirana which also bears his name Skanderbeg was the leader of the Albanian revolt antyasmanskoy his name is still heard in folk... attractions, Cultural objects
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