Map Vlore. Business directory

According to the business directory Pointerst in and around Vlore there are 317 companies. The most numerous are category accommodation - 272 objects, food - 12 and travel services - 10 companies.

Among nearby cities the most numerous business directories are Himare - 60 objects, Ujete e Ftohte - 38 , Radhime - 23 , Borsh - 21 and Gjilek - 17 companies.

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results: 10
Airport "Patos de Minas" Bashkia e Patosit attractions, Cinemas, Galleries and Museums
Colonnade shopping Roman city center Kryegjate attractions, Cultural objects
Ruins of ancient Apollonia Kryegjate attractions, Cultural objects, Gates and forged products, Construction works
Fragments of city walls Daullas attractions, Awnings, Awning Building, Cultural objects
Mosaic House Daullas attractions, Natural Attractions, Glass-ceramic industry
Monastery of St. Mary Ardenica Kosturli attractions, Religious institutions, Cultural objects
Fortress Porto Palermo Palermo attractions, Cultural objects, Casinos and slot machines, Bars and pubs

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