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Archaeological complex Tiwanaku

  • Tiwanacu, Bolivia
  • Archaeological complex Tiwanaku$$ Archaeological complex of Tiwanaku, the eastern shore of Lake Titicaca.Tiwanacu, Departamento de La Paz, Bolivia
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    Archaeological complex "ancient city of Tiwanaku - pre-Inca capital of civilization. According to legend, the city appeared very long time, and in just one night. But the most surprising is the large stone sculptures and temple complex Kalasasaya, that can surprise even the modern, sophisticated construction techniques in complex man.

    About the origin and significance of the ancient city of Tiwanaku, there are many theories, and even more - legends. This is not surprising, because we do not have any written documents relating to the mysterious city. The ancient city of Tiwanaku - the cradle American civilizations - was built around 4000 years ago, but in the fourth century AD pryshlae Indian tribe found dead city. What caused people to leave landscaped capital? We got no answer, so can only speculate and assumptions. ..

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