Map Huata. Business directory

According to the business directory Pointerst in and around Huata there are 76 companies. The most numerous are category accommodation - 49 objects, food - 7 and travel services - 3 companies.

Among nearby cities the most numerous business directories are El Tejar - 15 objects, Salancachi - 1 , Sucre - 1 , Estancia La Legua - 1 and Estancia Rumi Rumi - 1 companies.

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results: 9
Freedom House El Tejar attractions, Lost-and-found, Galleries and Museums
Government Palace El Tejar attractions, Windows, doors and hardware, Cultural objects
Cathedral Sucre El Tejar attractions, Watches, Galleries and Museums
Church of St. Philip Neri El Tejar attractions, Cultural objects, Natural Attractions
Monastery of La Recoleta Cora Cora attractions, Cultural objects, Church and religious goods
Castle La Glorieta Estancia La Legua attractions, Cultural objects, Flora and Fauna

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