Map Nova Scotia. Business directory

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Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Montavista Beauty, Hotels, Pools
Shoppers Drug Mart Halifax medicine, Pharmacies
Keshen Goodman Public Library Dartmouth education, Science and Culture, Archives and libraries
XS Cargo Halifax trade, Other shops
Dairy Queen Amherst trade, Cafes and Restaurants, Other shops
MacPhee Ford Grahams Corner cars, Auto products
Coles Claremont trade, Bookstores
Matt's Bottle Exchange (Enviro-Depot) Eastern Passage state and local organizations, Municipal enterprises
Moores Halifax trade, Clothes and shoes, Shopping centers
Bluenotes Halifax trade, Clothes and shoes
My Canada Payday Dartmouth services, Legal services
Halifax Watch Company Grahams Corner services, Domestic services
Staples Sydney Sydney services, Other shops, Home and Office, Legal services
Sexton Design And Technology Library Halifax education, Science and Culture, Archives and libraries, Banking training, Higher education
Caribou Ferry Terminal Caribou Ferry transport, Transport companies and constructions
Sherwin-Williams Bedford trade, Consumer Electronics
Sound Chiropractic & Health Sciences Centres Bedford medicine, Hospitals and medical centers
Halifax trade, Alcohol and tobacco
Budget Car & Truck Rental Halifax cars, Car rent, Auto products
Pocket Wilderness Park
Granite Village travel services, Travel, tourism and leisure
New Dominion travel services, Travel, tourism and leisure
Mi'kmaq Gifts & Collectibles
Sydney trade, Gifts and souvenirs