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Chapel of Our Lady of the Stone Gate

  • Zagreb, Croatia
  • Chapel of Our Lady of the Stone Gate$$ Kamenita ulica 5, 10000, Zagreb, CroatiaZagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia
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  • Chapel of Our Lady of the Stone Gate - a significant landmark old Zagreb.

    It was built in 1731 in honor of the miraculous rescue after a terrible fire, during which burned the wooden gates that are part of the city walls. Located in the aisle stone gate chapel dedicated to the miraculous icon of the Mother God. She was found among the ashes in the charred frame, the canvas itself remained intact. The image is placed in a carved wooden altar in the baroque style.

    Icon considered the patroness of the city in her honor every year on May 31 (the anniversary of the miraculous salvation) feast. The interior of the chapel reflects the atmosphere of peace. There is always a lot of people who come to put candles in front of the beautiful rashetsіstymі gates through which fenced icon.

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