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Orosi Valley

Orasamі Valley a paradise of Costa Rica Its space stretched for miles and shelter silky green carpet of grass flowers and bushes Affectionate cool climate allows to grow in the valley delicious coffee varieties are appreciated  among the fans... attractions, Natural Attractions, Reserves

The observation deck Uharras

  • /smotrovaya-ploshchadka-uharras
  • Ujarras
Increasingly lookout Uharass becomes part of the tourist route Guides like to show traveler's ancient capital of Costa Rica Cartago and at the end of the tour to come to the valley orasamі and give the opportunity to see all the beauty of the... attractions, Parks and Gardens, Natural Attractions

Volcano Turrialba

Turrialba active stratavulkan located in Costa Rica in the province of Cartago The volcano is the main attraction of the park named in his honor Turrialba Volcano National Park Turrialba the second highest volcano in Costa Rica it has three large... attractions, Parks and Gardens

Parque de Guadalupe

Parquecito San Cayetano



Numismatic Museum and pre-Columbian gold

Numismatic Museum of pre Columbian gold and united under one roof just two thematic museum in one way or another connected with money The number of exhibits both increased steadily with the result that it was decided to update the exposure and ... attractions, Galleries and Museums

Gold Museum

Museum of pre Columbian gold in the heart of San Jose close to the central bank Its name says it all almost all of the exhibits are made of gold and relate to Indian times It is worth noting that initially all found  archaeologists gold... attractions, Galleries and Museums

National Theater in San Jose

Since its inception the National Theatre of Costa Rica has become a source of pride of every inhabitant of this beautiful country because the building was built on taxes pay their local population The idea to build your Opera House and join ... attractions, Galleries and Museums

Parque Santa Monica


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