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American Apparel

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Fashionable basics, Sweatshop Free. Made in Downtown LA. That's American Apparel.... trade, Clothes and shoes


Area Alexander and named after the Russian Tsar Alexander I in memory of his visit to Berlin in 1805 Its main attractions are the Red Town Hall TV Tower and numerous skyscrapers The area became an important trading center after the building of the... attractions, Cultural objects, Galleries and Museums

Berliner Fernsehturm TV tower

This building built in than as a symbol of the power of the socialist bloc and to this day adorns Berlin although from its inception in 1969 it is of course has repeatedly upgraded and even add a little height at the expense of the new antenna  ... attractions, Parks and Gardens

Club Weekend

Alexanderplatz 7 Berlin everyone knows this address European clubbers This fact is not surprising when you consider that for several years the Berlin club Weekend is the headquarters of the main techno labels of the world and the seat of all the... attractions, Galleries and Museums, Parks and Gardens

Skyscraper Haus des Reisens

Skyscraper Haus des Reisens located in the German capital the city of Berlin was built in 1969 1971 years as part of the transformation of the space on the site of the demolished buildings of the Minolhauses Architects were Ronald Korn Johannes... attractions, Children clubs, Galleries and Museums

St. Mary's Church in Berlin

St Mary's Church one of the oldest of the existing churches located in Berlin Germany Is one of the six medieval churches which are located in the historic center of Berlin Located on the street of Karl Liebknecht For the first time the church was... attractions, Cultural objects, Halls for weddings and celebrations

Hackesche Höfe

Hackesche Höfe is the largest architectural complex of indoor courtyard throughout Germany This is part of Shpandauskogo suburb Mitte district of Berlin since 1972 an architectural monument Was first opened September 23 1906 in front of Hackesche... attractions, Cultural objects, Crops and technical cultures, Banking Advertising

Shopping center Alex

Alex it's pretty spacious shopping center under the roof which gathers many branded clothing stores On five floors of the shopping center is located almost 200 shops 20 restaurants a fitness center and a bowling alley On the last level of the... attractions, Galleries and Museums, Bowling and Billiards

Fountain "Neptune" in Berlin

Fountain "Neptune" one of the main attractions of Berlin Situated between the Red Town Hall and Marienkirche "Neptune" one of the oldest and most beautiful fountains of Berlin and Germany Author Fountain famous German architect and painter Karl ... attractions, Bags, bags and leather goods, Natural Attractions

Akvadiv in Berlin

Akvadiv a cylindrical marine aquarium height of 16 meters which is located in the center of Berlin in the courtyard of a five star hotel "Radisson" In the center of it all runs a two story elevator shaft with a transparent elevator where passengers... attractions, Galleries and Museums, Catering, Pet

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