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Monument to Charlemagne in Paris

  • /pamyatnik-karlu-velikomu-v-parizhe
  • Paris
French King Charles united under the crown of France vast territories For his services he was nicknamed Charles the Great Pope crowned him emperor He gave the name of the Carolingian dynasty Modern capital of France Charlemagne had rather weak ... attractions, Cultural objects, Stables

Archaeological crypt

  • /arheologicheskaya-kripta
  • Paris
Archaeological crypt a legendary basement of the Cathedral of Notre Dame where an underground staircase It is open to visitors and will present them to the image of the ancient capital of France due gathered here archaeological exhibits that tell... attractions, Currency exchange, Galleries and Museums

Hotel-Dieu in Paris

  • /otel-dio-v-parizhe
  • Paris
Hotel Dieu de Paris which translated from French means "God's shelter Paris" is the oldest hospital in the city center and hospital Many tourists hurrying to Notre Dame do not even notice it's an old building in Paris However externally  not... attractions, Parks and Gardens, Festive garment and costumes

Small Bridge

Small bridge one of the oldest bridges of Paris Its design reflects its name since the length of the stone arch stone structure that linked banks of the Seine just 20 meters away Information about the bridge at this site date back to the times ... attractions, Cultural objects, Shopping centers

Shakespeare and Company Bookstore

  • /shakespeare-and-company-bookstore
  • Paris
Bookstore "Shakespeare and Co" was opened in Paris in 1919 thanks to the Daughters of the American priest writer and publisher of Sylvia Beach She lived in Paris and studied French In the first years after World War passion for literature led ... attractions, Bookstores, Galleries and Museums

Square Rene Viviani

  • /skver-rene-viviani
  • Paris
Square Rene Viviani is located on the banks of the Seine in the historic part of the city surrounded by the city's main attractions Small but very cozy and picturesque park in the form of an irregular polygon He got his name  on behalf of the... attractions, Parks and Gardens, Natural Attractions

The restaurant "Le Grenier de Notre-Dame"

  • /restoran-le-grenier-de-notre-dame
  • Paris
The restaurant "Le Grenier de Notre Dame" a vegetarian restaurant located near Notre Dame de Paris This was the first vegetarian restaurant in Paris was founded in 1978 by Laurent Boise and then passes it to his son Quiet and cozy atmosphere the... attractions, Food, Parks and Gardens

The oldest tree in Paris

  • /samoe-staroe-derevo-parizha
  • Paris
The oldest tree in Paris grows into a small square René Viviani in the historical part of the city Robin Wood is psevdoakatsiey Prinyato believes that the tree was brought from North America and planted Jean Robin in 1601 Thus if you believe the... attractions, Cultural objects, Bars and pubs, Cinemas

Street Kota Fishing

  • /ulitsa-kota-rybolova
  • Paris
Street Kota angler is in the fifth arrondissement of Paris in the Latin Quarter right on the banks of the Seine It is the smallest and legendary street of the city It is very narrow only 1 8 meters wide and rather short 29 meters in length Street... attractions, Parks and Gardens, Security services, Clothes and shoes

The Church of Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre

  • /tserkov-sen-zhyulen-le-povr
  • Paris
Church St Julien le Pauvre Paris is the parish church This is one among the most ancient holy places in Paris It was built in the Gothic style in the thirteenth century and is located on the left side of the Seine just Semiwall meters in the Paris... attractions, Religious institutions, Accounting and Auditing Services, Cultural objects

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