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The main mosque in Durres

  • Memaj, Albania
  • The main mosque in Durres$$ Rruga Xhamia, Durres, AlbaniaMemaj, Qarku i Durresit, Albania
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  • Ancient Durres is a popular resort among travelers. City with an ancient history rich variety of attractions. Modern look up and ancient monuments of antiquity, and quite modern religious buildings that reflect the current spiritual needs of the country.

    The main mosque Durres definitely considered significant for the city building. This is quite a modern structure was built recently in 1993. It is believed that the temple was erected in honor of a native of Albania, the former ruler of Egypt Muhammad Ali.

    Huge mosque, made in light stone, trimmed with a thin, like an arrow, minarets, is a bit rustic, but elegant enough to attract the attention of tourists.

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