• Uznove, Albania
  • Gorica, Berat, Albania 
    Gorytsa - this archaeological site, which is located in the south of Berat, at the confluence of two rivers. There were traces of ancient fortifications, on the one hand a magnificent view of the city citadel, and on the other - is visible at a glance one of the rivers (Velebisht). Scientists believe that this fortification played a significant role not only in defense of the city, but also in navigation.

    From the north to the ancient fortress Gorytsy was securely closed rock, and on three sides by the main wall was built. Fragments of this wall were discovered by archaeologists in good condition and have become one of the favorite destinations among tourists and the subject of interest of historians.   

    By fragments of ceramic ware, which was also found during the excavations, archaeologists have found that all of these items date back to around IV-III centuries BC. Once in Gorytsy were Romans, began the decline of life, and it happened in the II century BC. The study obtained during the excavation material continues, and historians believe that the first settlements in Gorytsy appeared much earlier - in the late Bronze Age or early Iron Age.
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