Sola d'Encamp

Encamp Ski Resort

  • Sola d'Encamp, Andorra
  • p.Enkamp, ​​Andorra 
  • Encamp Ski Resort in Andorra is located 7 km from Andorra la Vella - Andorra capital of the state. He is considered the most modern resort and is equipped with the best technology. Lifts on the slopes of Encamp the latest and fastest themselves and comfortable. There are trails for both professionals and amateurs alike. Holiday in the resort combines active in the local village of Encamp, as well as entertainment and tours of the nation's capital.

    In this comfortable hotel resort will be much cheaper than hotels in Andorra la Vella. Ski season lasts from December to April, resort guests the opportunity to ski on the slopes of different difficulty levels and stretching over 190 kilometers. Very convenient system of movement of the resort includes 74 lifts. The main attraction of the resort - lift Funicamp, consisting of 32 cabins, each of which can accommodate 24 people. Knurled plenty on skiing or snowboarding, is to go on a tour of the village of Encamp, very clean and comfortable, and which is in the valley Korthals.

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