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Museum town of Berat

  • Berat, Albania
  • Museum town of Berat$$ Berat Castle, Berat, AlbaniaBerat, Qarku i Beratit, Albania
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    Berat is located seventy kilometers south of the capital of Albania. The city is famous for the fact that since 1961 has the official status of the city-museum. Number of historical attractions here more than two hundred. Attractions Berat - Several mosques XV-XIX centuries, stone arched bridges of the XVII century. But the main architectural monument is the citadel, built in the XIII century along the ridge and rises not only on the riverbed, but also over the whole city.

    Visit the Citadel is a must-see destination in the young people who come here from across the country, and sometimes theatrical wedding ceremonies are held right here. Inside the fortress as a historical museum, and several ancient temples. Berat is renowned for being at the end of the XIX century it served as the center of the Albanian national movement for independence from the Ottoman Empire.

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