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Režija (control Room) @ RTL Televizija

Helix HQ

Kompletna usluga koju nudimo podrazumijeva više od “uobičajenih usluga” koje nude druge agencije Tim stručnjaka iz raznih područja (marketinga dizajna informatike) predstavit će Vaš proizvod na najbolji mogući način sukladno najnovijim... Marketing, Advertising, Media, Internet companies

Kozacinski d.o.o. HQ


Monument to Josip Jelacic-Buzhimskomu

Monument Joseph Jelacic Buzhimskomu Austrian politician of Croatian origin located in the eponymous square in Zagreb It was created by the famous sculptor Antonio Fernkornom and established in 1866 in accordance with the decision of the authorities... attractions, Cultural objects, Galleries and Museums

Zagreb Archaeological Museum

One of the most popular places in the capital of Croatia Zagreb Archaeological Museum Due to the large collection of archaeological museum can get acquainted with the history of Croatia Behind the walls of the museum are exhibited in five halls 400... attractions, Galleries and Museums

Nikola Šubić Zrinski Square Zrinjevac

In the center of Zagreb can find an interesting area Nikola Zrinski Shubіcha more commonly known by his second name Zrinjevac The area was named after the famous Croatian military leader and national hero Miklos Zrinyi The area is a well kept park... attractions, Parks and Gardens, Courses

Park Zrinevats

Zrinevats is one of the most beautiful urban parks in Zagreb capital of Croatia The park is very popular among visitors to the city and on his way you can always see a lot of tourists Zrinevats Park is located in the central part of the city from... attractions, Landscape Equipment, Cultural activities, Parks and Gardens

The building of Croatian National Bank

The building of Croatian National Bank a significant landmark of Zagreb It was built in 1927 by the famous architect Victor Kovacic within the complex reconstruction Square Hrvatskih velikana The construction is made of white stone its elegant... attractions, Galleries and Museums, Windows, doors and hardware

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