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Lotrščak Tower

  • /bashnya-lotrshchak
Lotrščak Tower majestic tower square shape which was born in the XIII century to guard the south gate of Hradec However it served not only as a defensive structure that protects the entrance to the city but the bell tower In the evening ringing ... attractions, Galleries and Museums

Museum of the History of Zagreb

  • /muzej-istorii-zagreba
It is hard to imagine a simpler way to exploring the history of the new city than visiting the historical museum In the upper part of Zagreb is a museum of history of the city which will help travelers make an excursion into the past Vintage card... attractions, Galleries and Museums

Museum of Primitive Art

  • /muzej-primitivnogo-iskusstva
Croatian Museum of Naive Art which is located in Zagreb today is attracting more and more curious tourists On the main directions in the visual arts one way or another all familiar But that is a primitive art   Yes there is not observed crisp... attractions, Galleries and Museums

Area Kaptol

  • /ploshchad-kaptol
Kaptol Square is the center of one of the two parts of Zagreb Lower Town On the area represented by the diversity of medieval buildings structures of the Renaissance and modern buildings The greatest interest in the cause of interesting... attractions, Galleries and Museums

Museum of unrequited love

  • /muzej-neschastnoj-lyubvi
Just a couple of years ago in the Croatian capital has opened a new museum His main theme is devoted to unsuccessful romantic relationships Collection of the Museum items donated to the museum by any former The museum's exhibits are very original... attractions, Galleries and Museums

Museum of Broken Hearts, Zagreb

  • /muzej-razbityh-serdets-zagreb
Museum of Broken Hearts in Zagreb this is one of the most unusual museums in the world Here are collected the exhibits related to the unhappy love love of suffering and separation dull the senses Museum of Broken Hearts in Zagreb was founded in 2006... attractions, Galleries and Museums

Church of St. Martin

  • /tserkov-svyatogo-martina-4
Church of St Martin in Zagreb a small Catholic Church founded in the middle of the XIX century The facility is elongated two storey building with rows of rectangular windows much like an ordinary house His only characteristic feature is trimmed... attractions, Galleries and Museums

Croatian History Museum

  • /horvatskij-istoricheskij-muzej
Croatian History Museum is located in the Croatian city of Zagreb here collected a huge number of various artifacts that tell you about the history of Croatia A museum in the palace Voykovichi Orshich Rauch which is one  An interesting and... attractions, Galleries and Museums
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