Roma — sights and interesting facts

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Trajan's Forum Pigna
Piazza Venezia Centro Storico (Altstadt)
The house in which she lived Letizia Bonaparte Centro Storico (Altstadt)
Palazzo Venezia Centro Storico (Altstadt) 1
Police Tower Pigna
Church of St. Catherine in the square Magnanapoli Pigna
The Roman Forum Campitelli 1
Villa Doria Pamphili Centro Storico (Altstadt)
Via dei Fori Imperiali Campitelli
Temple of Vesta Campitelli
Temple of Apollo Soziana saint angelo
Theatre of Marcellus saint angelo
Street Theatre of Marcellus saint angelo 1
The headquarters of the Bank of Italy Pigna
Teatro Eliseo in Rome Pigna
Portico of Octavia saint angelo
Obelisk Quirinale Pigna
Church of Santa Maria dei Monti in Rome Campitelli
Jewish Museum of Rome saint angelo
Arch of Janus saint angelo
Basilica of Santa Maria sopra Minerva San Eustacio
Piazza della Minerva San Eustacio

Interesting facts about Roma

  • Population : 2,563,241

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