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Karthala volcano

Kartal volcano is the highest point on the largest of the 4 Comoros The height of the volcano which is located on the island of Grand pantry is 2560 meters while the size of the crater at the top 300 * 100 meters width and depth respectively... attractions, Parks and Gardens, Casinos and slot machines

Beach Chomoni

Chomoni beach a tropical paradise on the southern tip of the island of Grand closet Shredded white sand the sea with crystal clear water and waves beating against the rocks is an ideal place for relaxation and an unforgettable stay This little beach... attractions, Parks and Gardens, Recreation and campsites

International airport "Prince Said Ibrahim"

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The international airport "Prince Said Ibrahim" is the largest airport in the Comoros It was opened in 1966 and named after the son of the former sultan The airport has one terminal that serves international and domestic flights and a runway length... attractions, Parks and Gardens, Taxi service

Beach Buni

Beach groynes Beach prefer those who run away from civilization who want to enjoy pristine nature for whom the main rest is the minimum and maximum people around the sun sand and warm sea If you stay on the island of Grand Pantry its west coast... attractions, Casinos and slot machines, Parks and Gardens

Sal Lake

Comoros has a number of exceptional natural attractions such as Salt Lake or Lake Salle is not the last place For many years it attracts travelers and scientists who are trying to unravel its mysteries   Sal Lake is located on the north of the... attractions, Natural Attractions

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