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Macedonian Orthodox Church of St. Demetrius

  • Markham, Canada
  • Macedonian Orthodox Church of St. Demetrius$$ 201 Main Street Markham North, Markham, ON, CanadaMarkham, Ontario, Canada
  • +1 905-471-5555
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    Macedonian Orthodox Church of St. Demetrius is located on Main Street Markham. It is named after the oldest Macedonian saint Christian martyr who lived in Macedonia at the beginning of the fourth century.

    Established Canadian diocese in 1989, the church was built on the donations of the Macedonians. In the 90s it was replaced by a new white stone building, built with the centuries-old tradition of church architecture of Macedonia. In August 1994, the temple was held the first liturgy. Today the church has a football team and a church choir, a ballroom, Macedonian religious school and a literary club.

    The temple has been gaining popularity since in many Canadian newspapers were printed pictures of his beautiful architecture. Undoubtedly fascinate visitors frescoes, wall and ceiling paintings, executed in Byzantine style and icons by Macedonian artist George Danevskom.

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