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Copper mine on the island of Virgin Gorda

  • Spanish Town, British Virgin Islands
  • Copper mine on the island of Virgin Gorda$$ The archipelago of the Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda, Spanish TownSpanish Town, British Virgin Islands
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    Copper mine on the island of Virgin Gorda is a unique historical sight. The national park of the island are the ruins of a copper mine XIX century. One version says that the first mines were dug on the island yet in the XV century by the Spaniards. They were looking for silver. However, no specific evidence for this. When the island joined the UK in 1837 was built copper mine. By 1869 the mine was abandoned. Today from him were some of the main building and. To island still living descendants of the miners who work in the copper mines.

    Despite the fact that today can be seen small copper wires, they are not of great interest to develop. Mine come to inspect the tourists, it is now one of the places on the island, especially visited by guests.

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