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International airport "Prince Said Ibrahim"

  • Mbaleni, Comoros
  • International airport "Prince Said Ibrahim"$$ RN 1, ComorosMbaleni, Ile Autonome de Grande Comore, Comoros
  • + 800/3 55 11 99
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    The international airport "Prince Said Ibrahim" is the largest airport in the Comoros. It was opened in 1966 and named after the son of the former sultan.

    The airport has one terminal that serves international and domestic flights, and a runway length of about 3000 meters. Due to the rapidly growing traffic, in 2009 there was a large reconstruction and modernization of buildings Airport, which includes the expansion of the terminal. For the year 2012 passenger traffic reached about 300 thousand people. In the terminal building provides a range of services for the comfort of passengers in the cafe-bar, pharmacy, post office, VIP-hall, game room for children and a gift shop, which is a huge success.

    Next to the main building there is a parking lot shuttle buses and taxis. Nearest hotels and exchange offices located in the center Maroni, who is a 10-minute bus ride away.

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