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Teatro Municipal Alberto Saavedra Perez

  • Chijini, Bolivia
  • Teatro Municipal Alberto Saavedra Perez$$ SanjinésChijini, Departamento de La Paz, Bolivia
  • +591 2406133
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    Fans of folk shows and folk music concerts will be interesting to visit the Teatro Municipal Alberto Saavedra Perez. It is a major cultural venue in the city of La Paz. The theater is famous for its ambitious repertoire. On the stage you can see various performances - opera, ballet, theater, concerts and more.

    The building was built by the architect Jose Nunez del Prado, in the Venetian style. The strict facade conveys all the important features of Venetian architecture of the time.
    November 18, 1845 Mr. opening of the theater - the premiere performance of "The Shield of Bolivia."

    Teatro Municipal Alberto Saavedra Perez is considered to be the oldest theater in South America. During its existence, only changed the appearance of the building, but the interior design has remained unchanged. Fascinates us today a beautiful fresco on the ceiling of the auditorium.

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