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Quay-beach "Riviera of Flowers"

  • Narte, Albania
  • Quay-beach "Riviera of Flowers"$$ Vlora, AlbaniaNarte, Qarku i Vlores, Albania
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  • "Riviera of Flowers" or "Albanian Riviera", extends from the resort towns of Vlora Albanian and Sarandzeў. She is a beautiful set of old houses that have been converted into hotels, as well as views of the sea. In the nearby village of Ilias open strange beach views of the deep blue of the Ionian Sea, covered with small pebbles. Near the beach are seen bunkers established there since the days of former dictator Enver Hoxha.

    Hіmatey tourist town located on the Riviera, rich in numerous taverns with local cuisine, you can try the traditional drink of Albania - Rakіyu. Also located on the Riviera and other resorts Dhemme, Orikum and Porto Palermo.

    Foreign tourists will be pleasantly surprised by low prices on holiday in Albania, and it is not surprising - after all it is one of the poorest countries in Europe.

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