Drilon National Park

  • Tushemisht, Albania
  • Five kilometers west of Pogradtsa 
    Drilon National Park - a paradise for those who want to temporarily forget about the bustle of the city. The park is located in the neighborhood of the same tourist destination, so besides the stunning scenery there are all conditions for a comfortable stay.

    In Albania, six national parks and park Drilon, no doubt, is one of the best. It is located in a clean place among the snow-capped mountains on the shores of Lake Ohrid - the deepest in Europe. In 1980, it was included in UNESCO World Heritage Site. Only in pure water of this lake is found unique Ahrydskaga trout or, in the local, "pastrimka." It can catch yourself, or visit one of the many restaurants located on the shores of Ohrid - Selection of fish dishes they have huge.

    Among the main attractions of the national park include underground sources of fresh water, which have healing powers. Smooth surface of a small river plow huge white swans, never give up treats tourists and lovers of antiquities worth visiting Christian basilica of V century.
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