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Anegada Island

  • The Settlement, British Virgin Islands
  • Anegada Island$$ British Virgin Islands, the island of Anegada.The Settlement, British Virgin Islands
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  • The island of Anegada is the northernmost island of the Virgin and the Lesser Antilles. In the British part of the archipelago, he became the only inhabited island of coral origin.

    Occupies 38 square kilometers. On Anegada have salty water. Some of them are protected by the Ramsar.

    On the island lives a rare animal - Virgin Cyclura that previously lived on Puerto Rico and its neighboring islands. There are several species of turtles. In the coastal waters of the usual large number of fish, conch and lobster Caribbean. Also here you can see the imported human, but feral animals (donkeys, sheep and goats).

    When piracy flourished on the island, so in the territory of the remains of 200 shipwrecks.

    The island's population is 300 people who live in the village Settlment.
    The island is popular with tourists, thanks to the white sandy beach and a 29-kilometer reef.

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