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Isla del Caño

  • San Pedrillo, Costa Rica
  • Isla del Caño$$ The island is located about 20 kilometers from the Osa Peninsula and over three hundred kilometers from San Jose.San Pedrillo, Provincia de Puntarenas, Costa Rica
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    Explore underwater life, consider near coral reefs, found huge sea turtle or dolphin - all this can be done on Іsla del Kanye. There are all conditions for diving and snorkeling. The island invites to bask in its beautiful beaches and interest any mysterious stone balls - petrosferami.

    The island occupies nearly 300 hectares of land and located about 20 kilometers from the Osa Peninsula. The location is unique in that there are almost no animal species who live on the mainland. On Іsla del Kanye insect kingdom. Here is a beautiful butterfly, fancy beetles, bees and mosquitoes. There are aposumy, and of birds, the island was chosen egrets.

    It is known that during the time of the Indians on the island were the burial of the dead. In addition, there was organized a point of exchange between the various tribes. Who brought food here and vymenvala her various ornaments and figurines and vice versa. From the Indians on the island remained mysterious stone balls scattered throughout its territory. Why they are needed and how they did not know until now. They are of different sizes. The lowest levels of another inch and larger up about 12 meters and weigh almost 16 tons.

    Now Іsla del Kanye recognized national parks and protected by rangers. They patrol its territory and stop any violations. In particular, the island is prohibited to export marine flora and fauna.

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