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Tortola Island

  • Anderson, British Virgin Islands
  • Tortola Island$$ British Virgin Islands, the island of Tortola.Anderson, British Virgin Islands
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    Tortola - is the largest and most populated island in the British Virgin Islands. Washed by the Caribbean Sea.

    The island is 13.5 miles and the width - 3 miles. The territory covered spacious valleys and high slopes. The origin of volcanic islands. The main advantage of Tortola - white sandy beaches adorn its coastline and making it one of the Caribbean islands.

    The island has become a great place for leisure travelers. There are plenty of restaurants and hotels. The transportation system in this heavenly place is well developed. The population enjoys a taxi, rental cars, mopeds, bicycles, buses and other public transport. Well-developed telecommunications systems.

    The official language of Tortola - English.

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