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Ozero Ohrid

  • Lin, Albania
  • Ozero Ohrid$$ Ohrid, MacedoniaLin, Qarku i Korces, Albania
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  • Lake Ohrid is the deepest and oldest lake in the Balkans, has retained its unique ecosystem. In 1980, the lake was declared a World Heritage Site.

    Lake area of ​​approximately 2,600 square kilometers located on the border of Albania and Macedonia. It lies at an altitude of about 700 meters. Its maximum depth is 288 meters. It is rich in fіtaplanktonam, zooplankton, carp and predatory fish. The lake is also live crustaceans, sponges, Planar, molluscs and pimples.

    The town of the same name, which stands on the lake, living lockjaw. Locals organize regular boat trips. Sailing on the lake, you can see the Church of St. John the Divine. Ohrid is often called the "Jerusalem of the Balkans" by the vast number of historical monuments. On the slopes around the lake is the National Park of Ohrid.

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