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Sal Lake

  • Ivouani, Comoros
  • Sal Lake$$ RN 3
    Bangoua Kouni, Comoros
    Ivouani, Ile Autonome de Grande Comore, Comoros
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    Comoros has a number of exceptional natural attractions such as Salt Lake, or Lake Salle, is not the last place. For many years it attracts travelers and scientists who are trying to unravel its mysteries. 

    Sal Lake is located on the north of the island of Grande Comore. His water filled crater of an extinct volcano. Nobody knows exactly the depth of the lake, why there was another name - bottomless. The lake is considered unique, as the water is salty that distinguishes it from the lakes of this type. It is believed that it is fueled by ocean waters, but - scientists have not yet found an answer. At least two people died trying to solve this riddle, when down in diving suits in depth. After this tragedy, similar experiments were terminated.

    Another feature of the lake - its presence in the huge quantities of algae water, because of which it is two times per day the color changes from dark green to blue shimmering. Locals tell of the wonderful lake many legends. One of them says that Once the traveler asked for water for rural residents to quench their thirst, but he refused. God was angry with them and filled the whole village with water. Since the lake was formed Sal.

    Twice the image of the lake, among other monuments fell on stamps Comoros.

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