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Beach Buni

  • Bouni, Comoros
  • Beach Buni$$ Grande Comore, ComorosBouni, Ile Autonome de Grande Comore, Comoros
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  • Beach groynes Beach prefer those who run away from civilization, who want to enjoy pristine nature, for whom the main rest is the minimum and maximum people around the sun, sand and warm sea.

    If you stay on the island of Grand Pantry, its west coast offers a full range of tourist services: hotels, furnished beaches, restaurants and a casino. But the east coast, where the beach is Buni, hardly mastered. Total 46 kilometers away from the capital of his pantry, Moron, but this road leads to the almost virgin world where there are no other sound but the rustle of palm leaves and the rustle of the surf and white sand. If close to this place was the capital of the Sultanate Hamahame, and now here in the houses of the poor live about a thousand local people.

    In the area of ​​Buna Beach has two beautiful sandy beach with a wide coastal strip bordered by palm trees. As a rule, the coast of the island - a black rocky ledges of volcanic rocks, which is not very convenient to sunbathe and swim. Buna Beach - a pleasant exception, where you can relax with children, where the bottom is clear and shallow, and the coastal white sand, gentle waters of the Indian Ocean now and then throw exotic shells.

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