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Beach Chomoni

  • Chomoni, Comoros
  • Beach Chomoni$$ Chomoni, ComorosChomoni, Ile Autonome de Grande Comore, Comoros
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    Chomoni beach - a tropical paradise on the southern tip of the island of Grand closet. Shredded white sand, the sea with crystal clear water and waves beating against the rocks, is an ideal place for relaxation and an unforgettable stay.

    This little beach that stretches for 500 meters, is striking in its purity and relaxed atmosphere. From the tropical heat you can hide in the shade of baobab or bungalow enjoying an exotic cocktail. Sun loungers and parasols are available to rent for relatively inexpensive prices. Near the beach is a comfortable hotel with a chic restaurant that serves fresh delicious traditional cuisine.

    Chomoni beach is ideal for diving, with the help of experienced instructors can learn about the rich marine life of the Indian Ocean, including the magnificent coral reefs bizarre. Diving Centre also organizes fishing and glybakavodnuyu tours of the island by boat. Beautiful photos taken on the beach Chomoni, long memorable experience about the rest in the Comoros.

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