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Orthodox church in Shkoder

  • Shkoder, Albania
  • Orthodox church in Shkoder$$ city ​​of Shkoder, AlbaniaShkoder, Qarku i Shkodres, Albania
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    Despite the fact that the city of Shkodra pretty decent size city, according to visiting guests, look there is practically nothing. In the center of the city is one of the few streets made according to the type of the Arbat, flanked by dozens of different cafes. The street begins from the monument of Mother Teresa. Further through the quarter are three main attractions Shkoder - mosque, a Catholic church and the Orthodox Church. All three buildings were built recently. They are separated by just 100 meters.

    The most beautiful of them, according to tourists, it is the Orthodox Church. It is a large two-story building with three domes. Due to their abode looks majestic and luxurious. The facade of the room is painted in soft peach color, windows are made narrow arches, the main entrance is decorated with small columns.

    In the Orthodox Church could get any. Free admission. There you can see the interior, take pictures, buy candles and place them for the peace, or for the health.

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