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North Killing

  • Bantam Village, Cocos Islands
  • North Killing$$ North Keeling, Cocos IslandsBantam Village, Cocos Islands
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    North Kіlіng - a small uninhabited coral atoll in the composition of the Cocos (Kіlіng) Islands. It is a little to the north of the island Horsburg (southern group Cocos Islands). Atoll is actually very small, its area is only about 1.2 square kilometers, and the area of ​​its lagoon - about 0.5 square kilometers, although the atoll is almost completely closes the lagoon from the ocean.

    The whole area of ​​the island is part of the National Park Pulau Kіlіng. After the organization of the National Park to visit the island requires official permission. Flora and fauna of the place is quite varied and interesting, for example, contains seabirds are found off the coast of exotic fish that are typical for the ecosystem of the Indian Ocean, the flora is represented mainly by coconut palms.

    North Kіlіng - a very picturesque place, some paradise where you can enjoy unity with nature and spectacular views of the blue ocean.

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