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Old State House

  • Saint George, Bermuda
  • Old State House$$ St. George-s, BermudaSaint George, Saint George, Bermuda
  • + (495) 777-81-77
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  • The Old State House, located in the town of St. George in Bermuda, on the Atlantic coast, was built in 1620. Locals call the Old State House, "Buckingham", because it is almost 200 years old, up until 1814, sat parliamentarians country.

    The residence also gunpowder was stored in case of siege and housed the courthouse. Throughout the year, in a building arranged noisy balls. The Old State House was built in an Italian style and, despite its small size, has majestic views. By the middle of the XVIII century around the residence were surrounding buildings, the kitchen wing was attached at the beginning of the XIX century.

    Today, the Old State Residence complex is considered one of the oldest stone buildings in the New World.

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