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Old Friday Mosque

  • Moroni, Comoros
  • Old Friday Mosque$$ Moroni, ComorosMoroni, Ile Autonome de Grande Comore, Comoros
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    Old Friday Mosque in Maroni is the most popular tourist destination of the capital of Comoros. It takes a special, privileged position in the hierarchy of local mosques, and can not shake even the construction of new churches. 

    Probably, the mosque was built in 1472, and since then the service is not there all the time. The temple has preserved the historic white color due to the color of coral limestone, from which it is made. Striking features traditional Arabian architecture visible in his appearance: arched gallery in two tiers, balustrades, high carved frieze around the perimeter of the roof and square minaret, topped with a green dome with mandatory crescent.

    Old Friday Mosque stands on the harbor Maroni. In the evening, when the orange light on the waves of events unfolds gradually staining the white walls of the mosque, going around the temple group of serious men in white clothes, whiling away the time between the prayers of the game of dominoes on the rocks vintage shops.

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