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Central Plaza Murillo

  • Chijini, Bolivia
  • Central Plaza Murillo$$ Plaza Murillo
    La Paz, Bolivia
    Chijini, Departamento de La Paz, Bolivia
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    Plaza Murillo - the central square of the city of La Paz in Bolivia. On it are the main attractions of the city: the Presidential Palace, the National Congress of Bolivia and the Cathedral.

    At the Plaza Murillo many events of the battle for political power in Bolivia, and thus, it has played an important role in the country's history. The area was designed in 1558. At first it was called Plaza Mayor (Main Square). Later, she was known as the Plaza de Armas. After signing the document on the independence of Bolivia, July 16, 1809 the area was renamed the Plaza 16 de Julio (Area July 16). Finally, in 1902, she was named one of the leaders in the struggle for independence of the country - Pedro Murillo.

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