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According to the business directory Pointerst in and around Washington, D. C. there are 10,085 companies. The most numerous are category accommodation - 1,632 objects, food - 1,450 and travel services - 1,320 companies.

Among nearby cities the most numerous business directories are Addison Heights - 169 objects, Willard (historical) - 129 , Farragut Square - 118 , Alexandria - 106 and Wellham Crossroads (historical) - 99 companies.

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency state and local organizations, Government
White House Bealls Levels (historical) attractions, Parks and Gardens
Treasury Building Bealls Levels (historical) attractions, Cultural objects, Banking Advertising
Restaurant and Bar Old Ebbitt Grill Bealls Levels (historical) attractions, Bars and pubs, Parks and Gardens
Octagon House Northwest Rectangle attractions, Furniture Stores, Travel agencies and firms, Embassy
Renwick Gallery Bealls Levels (historical) attractions, Galleries and Museums
National Theatre Bealls Levels (historical) attractions, Theater, Cultural objects
Interior Museum Northwest Rectangle attractions, Galleries and Museums, Opinion and Marketing Research
Cathedral of St. John Bealls Levels (historical) attractions, Investment funds, Religious institutions, Textiles and makeup
Warner Theatre Bealls Levels (historical) attractions, Galleries and Museums, Theater
Washington Monument Burnes Discovery (historical) attractions, Natural Attractions
Old Post Office Pavilion Elinor (historical) attractions, Cultural objects, Fastfood
National Memorial, Korean War Veterans Burnes Discovery (historical) attractions, Military schools, Galleries and Museums
Memorial to the participants of the Second World War Burnes Discovery (historical) attractions, Cultural objects, Showbiz
National Museum of Women in the Arts Franklin McPherson Square attractions, Galleries and Museums
Michelangelo's David-Apollo
Elinor (historical) attractions, Galleries and Museums
Subway station "Metro Center" Elinor (historical) attractions, Parks and Gardens, Theater
Holocaust Memorial Museum United States Burnes Discovery (historical) attractions, Galleries and Museums, Courses
National Museum of Natural History Elinor (historical) attractions, Natural Attractions, Galleries and Museums
Concert Hall Lisner Auditorium Mexico (historical) attractions, Concert Halls, Musical instruments and sound equipment, Dance studios
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Hamburgh (historical) attractions, Galleries and Museums, Lost-and-found
Memorial Library Martin Luther King Jr. Elinor (historical) attractions, Bookstores, Galleries and Museums

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