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Karthala volcano

  • La Convalescence, Comoros
  • Karthala volcano$$ Ngazidja, ComorosLa Convalescence, Ile Autonome de Grande Comore, Comoros
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    Kartal volcano is the highest point on the largest of the 4 Comoros. The height of the volcano, which is located on the island of Grand pantry, is 2560 meters, while the size of the crater at the top - 300 * 100 meters width and depth, respectively. This Volcano is a type of basaltic shield shape.

    Since the 19th century there occurred more than 20 eruptions. Until 2005, was 11-year break, when the volcano was in "sleep" state. The latest eruption began in May 2006 and continued until January of 2007. From the crater of the volcano flowed streams of red-hot lava and ash cloud erupted through which clouds of toxic smoke is almost completely covered the city of Moroni.

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