Hamilton Parish

Timeless Park Blue Hole Park

  • Hamilton Parish, Bermuda
  • Bermuda, Blue Hole Hill 
    Timeless Park Blue Hole Park - an amazing combination of vegetation and the underwater world.

    When the vault collapsed karst cave, which has an outlet to the ocean, created naturally by a small pool, where turquoise water with fish trying to swim ryfavymі every visitor to the park reserve.
    Moreover, it is home to many rare species of fish, which is already near the start photoshoot divers.
    But in addition to water attractions here is full of stalactites and that will delight lovers of caves.

    But the greatest delight is still the state of the birds that live in the protected park Blue Hole Park. Whimsical painting, a variety of bird species is delighted that created by nature and so carefully guarded person.
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